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Get a taste of ship board life! Enjoy this album of 45 photos from the 1955 Cruise Log. Sincere thanks go to Jim Butler AT2c of VS39 for lending me his copy to produce these pages.


I would like to further enhance the pages of this album. Can you identify anyone in these pictures? Do any of these pictures bring to mind a story or anecdote of your ship board life?

Please Drop me a line.

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1 2 3
Food line at ship's party We load for Europe, parking signs and all Farewell...
4 5 6
Good-bye to pier 7 Underway AF's spotted
7 8 9
A Marine bull session on the fantail Plotting contacts Rigging for the "cat"
10 11 12
Talking shop with a destroyer The storm should be here The radio shack
13 14 15
Bringing two "Horses" into the barn Getting her ready The print shop
16 17 18
A day of prayer ...and recreation Just don't drop me
19 20 21
Don't rush there's plenty more. Easy...
easy does it...
...Navy style
22 23 24
A brief interlude... An emergency appendectomy A highline transfer
29 28 27
Refueling at sea Portrait of a fuel line Maybe next payday...
28 29 30
...on the double Lighting off a boiler Looks like it will have to go
31 32 33
Spanish dancers liven up the duty section 40mm gun crew in action We were delayed by a little "wind and sea"
34 35 36
Readying for the launch The "paper mill" The inevitable shots
37 38 39
Hearts at noontime Turn to... ...and when you have finished that...
40 41 42
Coming aboard... 1954 Cruise Map AF's coming into the pattern
43 44 45
Primary Fly's View Homeward bound Gibraltar, just like the Prudential ads

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