USS Mansfield

USS Mansfield DD-728


Far East Cruise Log
1966 - 1968

Photo Album

Sincere thanks go to Mike Martin, Dick Archer's shipmate, for lending me his copy of the log and to Karl Kristiansen, a member of USS Mansfield Association. Their assistance made it possible to produce these pages. For much more on the USS Mansfield DD-728 be sure to visit Karl's Korner.

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USS Mansfield Dedication, inside front cover Title Page
4 5 6
OC-P Div First Div Second Div K
7 8 9
Third Div Engineering Div M M Div
10 11 12
Dash Div H Dash Mascot R Division
13 14 15
Page 1 devoted to Operation Sea Dragon DD-728 Bow Page 2 devoted to Operation Sea Dragon

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