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Jules Award of Excellence
Received May 13, 1999

Thank you, Jules. I am honored and thrilled to have earned an award so early in the life of this site!

Chief Sez Award
Received May 17, 2000

Thank you, Charlie & Annie, for honoring both my site and Remembering, A Tribute to Veterans.

Pixie Grins Award
Received July 5, 2000

Thank you Pixie for feeling my site "honors, supports & pays tribute to our United States Military."

Military.Com distinguished Site Award
Received March28,2001

Thank you for finding this site to be a "valued resource for the military community."

Big E Honor Banner
Received March 28, 2005

Thank you Jake; I appreciate your honoring this site as "showing Excellence on a Naval Theme". Several times during my travels of Navy websites I've visited your site, USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 Memorial, and think it is excellent as well.

Golden Anchor Award
Received October 30, 2005

Thank you, Jeff for your Golden Anchor Website Award for Patriotic Excellence. I'm glad you found this "old curio shop" of naval and personal remembrances enjoyable and worthy of your award.


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