USS Valley Forge

Squadron Deployments During the Korean War

Data obtained from the Department of the Navy
Naval Historical Center
extracted from this page.


Valley Forge (CV 45) with CVG-5

(1 May 1950-1 Dec 1950)

Squadron Aircraft Tail Code
VF-51 F9F-3 S
VF-52 F9F-3 S
VF-53 F4U-4B S
VF-54 F4U-4B S
VA-55 AD-4/Q S
VC-3 Det C F4U-5N/AD-3N NP
VC-11 Det AD-3W ND
HedRon 1 Det F4U-5P AZ
HU-1 Det HO3S-1 UP


Valley Forge (CV 45) with CVG-2

(6 Dec 1950-7 Apr 1951*)
*CVG-2 crossdecked with CVG-11 from CV 47 on 28 March 1951
CV 45 returned to San Diego, Calif., 7 April with CVG-11.

Squadron Aircraft Tail Code
VF-64 F4U-4 M
VF-63 F4U-4 M
VF-24 F4U-4 M
VA-65 F4U-4 M
VC-3 Det F4U-5N NP
VC-11 Det AD-4W ND
VC-35 Det 4 AD-4N NR
VC-61 Det F F4U-4P PP
HU-1 Det HO3S-1 UP


Valley Forge (CV 45) with ATG-1

(15 Oct 1951-3 Jul 1952)

Squadron Aircraft Tail Code
VF-111 F9F-2/B V
VF-52 F9F-2/B S
VF-653 F4U-4/B H
VF-194 F4U-4/B B
VC-3 Det H F4U-5N/NL NP
VC-11 Det H(7) AD-4W/2Q ND
VC-35 Det H(10) AD-4NL NR
VC-61 Det H F9F-2P/F2H-2P PP
HU-1 Det 20 HO3S-1 UP


Valley Forge (CV 45) with CVG-5

(20 Nov 1952-25 Jun 1953)

Squadron Aircraft Tail Code
VF-51 F9F-5 S
VF-92 F4U-4 N
VF-53 F9F-5 S
VF-54 AD-4 S
VC-3 Det B F4U-5N NP
VC-11 Det B AD-4W ND
VC-35 Det B AD-4N NR
VC-61 Det B F9F-5P PP
HU-1 Det 6 HO3S-1 UP


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