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USS MANSFIELD accompanied by USS HANSON implemented Operation Sea Dragon on October 25, 1966 when MANSFIELD came under fire from North Vietnamese coastal defense positions near Dong Hoi. Since that initial operation, MANSFIELD participated in eight Sea Dragon tours inflicting damage on North Vietnamese logistic fascilities used to support aggressive acts in South Viet Nam. While conducting a mission near Dong Hoi on September 25, 1967, eleven months to the day after MANSFIELD came under fire the ship was hit by North Vietnamese projectile. As a result one shipmate, Charles ARCHER MM2, was lost and seriously wounding two others, Albert HILDRETH BT2 and Thomas FITZGERALD FA. John ARMSTRONG BT1, and Mervin LICH AN, sustained minor wounds from the explosion.

Upon completion of repairs MANSFIELD returned to combat and two months later paid a return visit to Dong Hoi.

Sea Dragon has denied the North Vietnamese use of the tidal waters and the coastal plains as supply routes to support their operations against South Vietnam.

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