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Deborah Daniel
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Deb and Dan

Our Wedding Day ~ April 14, 1984
Doesn't Dan look like the cat that swallowed the mouse?

Working the parade route at the Yarmouth Seaside Festival Columbus Day Weekend in 1983, churchmouse and sneekysnake, members of a local CB Radio Club met. Dan was "interested" in Deb, but for reasons too complicated for this page, she would not give him a moments notice. But she did "notice" his "interest". For the next several weeks, Dan tried to find Deb, but no one who knew her would break the club's anonymity rules!

the mouse with the five foot tail!Dan, in western attire, arrived at the annual Halloween party, and seated himself with several people he knew. The band members kept joking about no one having the courage to dance with "the mouse with the five foot tail!" Finally, Dan did. After that first dance, he realized "the mouse with the five foot tail" was churchmouse! We left the party together that night, and were engaged by Christmas.

Our Children

Dan has four sons from his first marriage. Deb had the pleasure of raising the youngest, Adam, from the age of 13. Also the eldest, Wayne shared our home for about a year. The fall of 1989 found our nest empty, so we started training as foster parents. In January of 1990, we were asked if we were interested in possibly adopting an 11 year old girl with special needs - Tina entered our lives! After a long wait, Adele, her younger half sister, also with special needs followed several years later.

  • Wayne, 56, & Laura have 2 children
  • Kelvin, 55, in Hawaii, retired after 27 years in the U.S. Navy
  • Daniel, 50, & Debbie, in New Hampshire, have 3 children
    • Kelly
    • Joshua
      • Dakota
      • Joshua
    • Krystal
  • Adam, 44, in Florida, is self-employed
  • Tina, 37, lives with us
  • Adele, 33, lives in Boston, has 2 children
    • Rhylan
    • Zane

As you entered this site, you met the Mousehold's two late guard cats, brother Duke (1993-2012) and sister Katie (1993-2014). In April of 2014 we became proud furparents once again as we got kittens Kizzy & Binx.

Did you know cats are like teenagers?

After over a year of fighting diabetes, Jasper, our beloved all American mutt, left us May 19, 2010. He was part of our family for 12 years and Tina was his primary caregiver. She faithly fed and exercised him, making sure he got his insulin injections twice a day. Our house and hearts were empty until we found our new fella, Baron! See him in I run and you chase me! or It's MY rope!

More About Us

Our 1997 Christmas Newsletter is reproduced on line. It features a full page tree decorated with family photos. (This was not created as a web document and may take over a minute to load.) Our 1998 Season's Greetings for our on-line friends is here too. Share our celebration of the 1999 Holiday Season in our on-line photo album. Our 2000 and 2001 greetings are here as well. If parts look strange it is because pages were designed for two sided printing and then folded in thirds, the letter being inside, the greeting out.

Both Dan and Deb are on Facebook. Here are some of our photos:


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