On April 26, 2003, Veterans for Peace, Cape Cod Chapter and the Children's Peace Project honored the winners of the Peace Week Poetry Contest. This is the 8th year of the contest open to all Cape and Islands writers, kindergarten to adults. We were proud to be present to hear our youngest granddaughter Vickie read her poem and receive an Honorable Mention award.


Peace Is

Peace is no wars.
Peace is the loud ring of the church bell in the afternoon.
Peace is the love between people.
Peace is what I want.
Peace is the birds chirping in the morning,
When you wake up.
Peace is no fighting between brothers and sisters.
Peace is riding your bike and your hair flying back in the wind.
Peace is the love between family. Peace is hearing someone singing like an angel.
Peace is like a rushing blue waterfall.
That is what peace is.

Vickie Jacobs 10
Grade 4


a Mousehold Creation