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Where has 1997 gone? Making notes for this annual missive, it doesn't seem like much happened to make the time fly by this quickly! I heard "the older you get the faster time flies." Does that mean 45 is old? (Yes, if you ask the girls!)

Muriel moved into Village at Fawcett Pond on Oct 6. Misses her 2 neighbors from Dennisport. We are able to do more for her, at 5 mi. in 12 min. Her buddy "Arthur"itis makes walking, even with walker, difficult. There are a few stairs leading to her unit, so she is unable to participate in the activities offered. Has taken several falls. Now has a life call button. Dr. has prescribed a wheelchair for outings. After a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with us, Dan slipped taking her home. His bad leg let go. Wheelchair tried to get away from him (he never let go) so all three ended up at the bottom of the four steps. Thank God, no major injuries, 'tho Muriel's top plate smashed & a small gash in leg required 10-12 stitches. Looked much worse with the bruises on her face. Laughed when I told her "You are one tough old bird!" Hopefully a ground floor unit (or at elevator level) will open up shortly.

Wayne (working Stop & Shop nights & self-employed handyman days) and Laura (with Harvard-Pilgrim Health Care) are still on Cape, 'tho they still talk of moving off-Cape. He is due to have ear surgery this month. Katrina, now known as "Kit" because there was another "Kat" in her class, is in first grade. Poor Vicki, 15 months younger, was unhappy to wait another year for kindergarten (was not 5 prior to Sept 1) but still enjoys pre-school.

Kelvin, in Texas, and Danny & family, on Cape. Only talk to Kel several times a year when we call him, and Danny never calls or returns calls :-( But we still love them just the same!

Adam, in Florida, is doing well in accounting & finance. Just bought himself a condo in West Palm Beach with Sandra. Surprised us Father's Day appearing at our door! He was on a quick business trip to the Cape... sure was great timing! Maybe he will have that first $1,000,000 by age thirty yet!

Started planning for Tina, still at Cape Cod Tech, to begin a work/study arrangement in the spring. Enjoys telling us of her culinary "masterpieces" - usually the soup of the day. Still misses Grams' terribly - her Christmas List says it poignantly "But most of all I whanted my Grandmother back." She returned to the Youth Ranch this summer. Also volunteered there, giving her extra time with the horses.

Adele made honor roll 3 terms freshman year. Finds school more challenging; now in higher level classes. Still an avid student! Had rough spots with a "first love" & adolescent "stuff" so is back in counseling. Seems to be much better. Interest of the year - drama ... joined the club, worked on annual haunted house at Cape Cod Mall & trying out for a role tonight.

Dan had cataract surgery again this summer. Will need laser treatment in '98. Business is doing well. Just when we think we are ahead, his car died this week! Bought a Caravan. Boating took up the summer again. Made several outings with Special Olympic fisherman (fisherpeople?) aboard for practice. Still active with the Am. Legion (bingo)- he threw out the first ball for Post 206 baseball team and we attended several of their games.

My year has been spent on the computer, learning all the new things I can and teaching Dan & the girls. Trying to get a business going to help fill the $$ gap when Dan retires in 15 months. Visit my website or e-mail

May you be blessed with the happiness and peace of Christmas.
Wishing you all best in 1998.

Debbie & Dan


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